A Little Whimsy

Being home a lot more has had its benefits. My projects-in-progress pile is shrinking which is exhilarating!

Today, I am finishing up a little play quilt for my little grand-niece. I decided to hand embroider all of the plain triangles on the little quilt with random flowers, swirls, stars, and geometric shapes.

I love doing slow things like canning tomatoes and peach jam and pickles and making sauerkraut and knitting sweaters and embroidering this little quilt.

I picked 20 pounds of peaches at an organic orchard.
I quickly blanched the peaches and peeled them in batches.
I made lots of jars of peach jam and this peach lemonade was to die for.

This extra time at home at home gives me the opportunity to see the beauty in all the things that surround me.

A doe nursing her fawn

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