There will be apples

Some of my apple trees are blooming, pretty much laden with fragrant blooms and luckily so is the crabapple across from it. So, there will be apples.

There will be more pullovers, too. I’ve divided my current project for arms and put those sections onto scrap yarn for now.

I know it doesn’t look like much but dividing for arms always rejuvenates me. It’s like I can see the end and it is so within reach I can almost feel and see myself wearing this pullover.

I have had a hiccup with this project, though. I haven’t worked on this pullover diligently since my last post and I can point the finger directly at the bamboo needles I was attempting to use. I switched from the metal needles in the picture to the bamboo ones because the bamboo needles are 48 inches long and that meant I could try on the pullover as I go. I don’t have any size 4 metal needles that long (or I have misplaced them) and I thought, “what’s could possibly go wrong.” Well everything. The bamboo needles have a sheen to them but that was so deceiving. My yarn simply cannot move over the bamboo needles. It took me four times as long to knit a single round. Frustrated, fed up and exhausted, I put this project down. I just picked it back up to try again and now I am admitting defeat. I switched back to the shorter metal needles. I can’t try on the pullover with them but I’m flying through rounds so well, I feel like I’m cooking with gas! I might just get done with this thing by the end of the month, now.

I am trying something with my bamboo needles. I am slathering clear nail lacquer on them to see if that will make them less grippy. If it works I might just have the best of both worlds.

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