Design Features and Raglans

Work continues on my newest lace-weight pullover. It is raglan style, my favorite for pullovers. I think it is one of the most forgiving styles and my current project is a good case study.

I decided to incorporate an adorable stitch pattern, downward pointing petals, on the front. I really like the stitch and I haven’t used it in years. The funny thing is, after a few repeats, I really dislike the stitch pattern in this project!


Is it wrong that I thought about ripping out a couple of inches of knitting and then thought that idea was nuts!

Heck, I’m knitting a raglan after all and in this project the shaping of the front is the same as the back. I’ll just call the backside the front now and call the top couple of inches on the “back” a design feature! Besides there aren’t really any mistakes in knitting, is there?

New Gear

If there is one thing that I love as much as knitting it is knitting related gear, storage solutions and accessories and I’ve been perusing lately. For any family members looking to bestow me with the perfect gift, stop what you’re doing and pay attention.

Needle Gauge

Copper River Wild Alaska Salmon Needle Gauge – The Net Loft

As I said, I love a good knitting project but I also really enjoy fishing. This needle gauge is so unique and combines two of my favorite hobbies in a nice, neat package and it won’t break the bank. The Net Loft is becoming my go to haven for lots of cool knitting accessories.

Big Ole Circular Needles

Surina_Jumbo_Circular_Needles__66497.1348239927.1280.1280I’m on a lace-weight knitting kick but that doesn’t mean winter isn’t coming back someday. I’ve got a set of super jumbo straight needles that are so heavy I can only knit with them for a few minutes at a time. This circulars from Jones & Vandermeer with big tips are just the ticket.


Weird Finger Thingy

80621I don’t do too much multi-strand knitting. I’m just not much of a fan of lots of colors and patterns in fashion but sometimes I get the urge to knit with two or three colors at a time and boy do things get tangled. See my winter hat conundrum. This is a yarn stranding guide from KnitPicks for less than two dollars! I don’t know how KnitPicks does it.

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