Here we go again

I’m officially on a skinny yarn kick. I’ve worn my Beachcomber pullover three times already and I’ve got to get another lightweight pullover finished just so I don’t wear it out.

I went searching for some more lace-weight yarn and came up empty. What’s up with that? It’s nearly May and its going to be warm soon. Why so much bulky fiber in all the stores? I’m starting to wonder if this is strictly an U.S. thing.

Marina by Manos Del Uruguay

Oh well, I’m casting on again using the leftover Marina yarn from Manos Del Uruguay and I don’t mind it. In fact, I’m hearing Depeche Mode’s hit – Just Can’t Get Enough, in my head and I’m happy as a little lark. Weird. I am knitting with the exact yarn I just finished working with and I’m still excited. I must be turning a corner. 🙂

Some Design Notes

I loved the look of the squared boatneck I used for Beachcomber. It’s structured but not cumbersome around the neck and it’s perfect for a light and airy top. I guess that means I just talked myself into using it again.

I wanted my last pullover to be breezy and swingy and that meant a LOT of positive ease. Like 10 inches/25 centimeters of positive ease. I’m not looking for the same movement with this top so I plan to pair that down a bit. I still want the top to be a bit relaxed, not clingy. I’m settling on around 4 inches/10 centimeters of positive ease for the finished top.

That’s pretty much all I know. I feel like I want to work some decorative stitches in somewhere but I don’t know how that will play with these two colors. I’ll just have to wing that part.

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