All Ruffled

I finally completed the ruffle. Whew! I originally thought to have a dramatic 2 1/2 to 3 inch ruffle but I (and my wrists) quickly realized that was folly. So, I decided to bind-off after about an inch and half which produced and surprisingly adorable, romantic ruffle. I am so glad I am happy with it because I was not going to rip it out. No way, no how, not ever.

Funny how it looks like it wasn’t a big deal but that little inch and half was the equivalent of knitting 6 inches of the body in a lot less time.

I tried on my work in progress late last night and I love it. Even better, I am in love with the raw edge neckline. I was a little concerned with neck edge treatment. This pullover is so light and airy. I don’t want to weight it down with a regular ribbed neckline or change the light feel of the garment or the shape of the neck by adding extra stitches that may make the rounder instead of the squared boat-neck I designed. Plus, it’s nice to find out that after a rough patch, I have a little reprieve. Now, I am on to sleeves and I am undecided on the length, somewhere between short-sleeve and half-sleeve. Here’s hoping I’ll have blocking underway by the next post!

On another note

You may have noticed the name of this blog has changed. It has changed from to I decided to do this because purltoo was commonly misspelled, some people typed in all kinds of variations. I can only afford owning a single domain so, I decided to change the name.

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