It’s only been about two days and I’ve already divided my new lace-weight sweater for arm holes. I’m surprised by the quick progress.

I decided on a sort of boat neck for this sweater. That’s not my usual choice in necklines but the nautical palette inspired me. Besides, it is almost fishing season in Iowa and I’m hoping this little sweater will make many appearances out on the water.

I have decided to try to document the steps I take while knitting this, which is a big step for me. I don’t write many patterns down…never saw the need to but lately I’m feeling like knitting wardrobe staples in different colors and weights and it will be helpful to not have to invent the wheel each time. I am also really looking forward to completing this piece. I cannot remember the last time I was so excited about finishing a project. I am so excited it worries me a little and I don’t know why. I just really want this one to turn out the way I hoped. I’ve knit many a sweater and most are exactly as I envisioned and a few were duds. As I get older I find it a little more devastating to put so much work in for such a personal thing to just find its way into a drawer with a cedar block never to see the light of day. I pray this one does not have an anticlimactic end.

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