Something Simple

It’s cold in Iowa today. It’s nearly forty degrees Fahrenheit but only a few days ago it was sixty-three degrees. That was promptly followed by freezing rain and high winds. The abrupt change makes it feel colder outside than the thermometer says.

It’s funny. The wild birds residing on our farm pond appear to be as confused as the weather. The geese and ducks seem to have arrived a little too early. One day, the warbler sings all day and the next day its its a mute. Even a dozen loons landed here but they were in for a rude awakening when the bald eagles let all the waterfowl know they were still here. There are a couple of pairs of bald eagles that nest nearby. Each pair with a couple of juveniles in tow and most likely a nest with an egg or two. The quintessential tough winter birds in the presence of the friendly loons and ducks. Watching them taught me the meaning of the phrase, “like a sitting duck” as the juvenile eagles continuously swooped down on the loons and ducks, eager to get a fatty dinner. Enough was enough though, and the ducks and loons took off as an adult eagle rounded up the youngsters chiding them for their pitiful and exhausting attempts or perhaps they were needed back at home in the nest.

The back and forth of the weather and the animals has me looking forward to spring more than ever. Winter was fun with the snow and sledding and thick sweaters and woolen socks but now the sky is grey and it seems colder though the ground is free from snow.

I have decided to will spring into being by knitting something light and airy and though it won’t really have any bearing on spring’s ultimate arrival, at least I’ll be ready when it gets here.

I’m starting a new and simple project. Nearly all knit, almost no purl. It will be an easy going raglan in fresh colors, brilliant blue and natural white. I’ve got no pattern but I’ve worked out the numbers and on a grey day that’s good enough.

I found some great yarn at the LYS in Des Moines, Yarn Junction.

This is a strand of the white yarn on my ottoman. It’s lace-weight yarn. I’m hoping this will be light enough for me to wear throughout the spring and summer.

I just started but here’s my progress so far.

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