Big Yarn Makes My Hands Hurt

Maybe it’s the size 13 needles that I now wish were size 17 needles because I might be done by now if they were. That’s okay. I’ll hang in there. I’m so close now.

This big yarn project has been littered with scares. The end of my circular needle fell off in the middle of my knitting a row. These are not detachable needle tips either, they are just old needles. That sucked big time but I managed to get all the stitches back on without losing any and I got the needle tip back on, too. Picture me biting the cord end of the metal tip to try and secure it in desperation. I don’t have any other size 13 needles and I really want to get this done.

Now, I’m afraid I may not have enough yarn to make sleeves. Oh boy. Why did I decide to knit some yarn-hogging cables allover the place. Oh well. Hopefully, the yarn will hold out though the ball is getting thin.

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