A Few Good Hours

There aren’t any yarn stores near me. I was surprised by that after moving from downtown Chicago to the countryside in southern Iowa. So…I go shopping in my yarn hoard. I am a bit antsy about knitting up another oversized sweater and nervous that I might not have enough yarn (of one type) to finish it. I was probably silly to worry. It seems I have plenty of yarn.

I stumbled across a two year old batch of Cascade Magnum. This is some BIG yarn, really BIG. Two stitches per inch big and 100% Peruvian wool. So it’ll be warm to say the least. It snowed last night and the day before so I’m thinking, “Why not?” Knitting with big warm yarn in winter is like slurping chicken soup by a warm fire. They just go together.

Besides, I figure I’ll get this thing done in a few good hours. Maybe.

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