Oh No!

Most of this year has been a blur, albeit a busy one.  My family has coped with personal tragedy, fought illnesses on various fronts, and my husband and I are building a new home.  At the same time, I am re-evaluating my professional career while juggling knitting and quilting projects…and keeping up with this blog.

I managed to finish a new throw.

I started this throw from a pattern but I lost the pattern after finishing a quarter of the pattern.  That really wasn’t a big deal until I started watching a movie and oops, I missed a row or started knitting a different row.  Who knows.  I don’t.  I didn’t notice something was wrong until I was several rows past my mistake row.

What to do? Well, I am not a fan of ripping out my knitting and I am definitely not a fan of knitting blankets (though I am knitting them more often), so I spent the next few days knitting the remainder of this blanket to look as if I meant to do what I did. So glad that’s over…never been happier to weave in ends.

That’s it for now. One blanket and blog post down.  A million other things to go!

By the way, this throw is a cheap knit.  I knit it with Lion brand yarn, the Hometown USA line in the Aspen Tweed colorway, typically available at Walmart.  Each ball costs about $2.50 and this throw used about 15 balls of yarn.

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