Oops, I Did it Again

First Prim, now this.  As soon as I finished Prim late last year, I knew I would knit another skirt and also knew I would call it Proper.  I thought it would be pretty simple, simple shaping, simple stitch pattern, maybe moss stitch or maybe ribbed.

Proper Skirt
Proper Skirt 

Apparently, my needles didn’t get the memo about keeping it simple.  As soon as I got past the hem, things took a turn for the complicated (and slightly geometric), with me jotting down stitch notes as I knit, calculating increases and decreases and deciding on cable crosses and twists as I came to them.

Cable detail near waistband
Cable detail near waistband

Around the half-way point, I actually wished I had knitted something simpler.  I might have been done with project in a week or less.  When I wore this little beauty last week, I was glad I didn’t take the easy way out, though I probably will next time.  I mean, really, how many cabled skirts can a girl have?

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