Before I started knitting this Cowl last week, I thought I had it all figured it out.  I had plenty of beautiful royal purple yarn…Malabrigo sock yarn.  I started knitting happily when I decided to deck it out with some beads.

Spangled Cowpoke Cowl

Everything was awesome (sorry, I’ve been watching “The Lego Movie” lately) until I went through three packs of seed beads rather quickly and realized I was in trouble.  I ran out of beads when I was more than half way finished with my cowl.  I placed an online order for more beads last Saturday but I guess the vendor I used didn’t know that online orders are supposed to be quickly shipped. They were just shipped today so I guess I won’t get to wear this little beauty until later.

Obviously, I couldn’t let that little mishap keep me down.  I whipped out another ball of yarn, some leftover from a bigger project and started all over again.

Cowpoke Cowl
Cowpoke Cowl

All in all it took quite a bit of extra planning.  I had to do all of the math over again.  My original spangled cowl is made with superfine merino sock yarn and is worked over 169 original stitches.  The blue cowl that I settled on making is 100% merino but it is a DK/worsted weight and it took only 99 cast-on stitches to end up with the same dimensions as the original spangled cowl.  That’s a big difference.  Then I had to consider how many decreases I wanted before starting the short rows and the decreases after the short rows.

Thankfully, knitting with the larger yarn and no beads meant quicker knitting, so in the end everything worked out and whenever I get the beads I ordered, I’ll have two cowls.  Score!

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