Finish Line

I must say, I’ve been on a roll lately.  I’ve started and finished (or nearly finished) several projects recently.  It feels good.
First, I finished the baby blanket!  YEAH!  I never want to go through that again but I am soooo happy I did and I am equally happy that it is over.  I may do another blanket in my life but I am definitely using bulky yarn and big needles.  Otherwise it is too much effort and too much knitting for something I can’t wear!  That’s just my feelings about it.

Something Sweet Complete
Something Sweet Complete

Next, I finished a simple chunky skirt in Malabrigo’s Mecha. It is wonderfully fuzzy and warm and perfect for my attempts to throw of the oppression of Chicago’s long and blustery winter. I don’t care what old man winter says, I’m wearing a skirt no matter what. I’ll post a newer picture soon. I didn’t have time to take one as I was rushing back over to Loopy Yarns to show off my skirt and get 20% off my next yarn purchase! 🙂

Simple Mecha Skirt
Simple Mecha Skirt

I also finished a bright teal chunky cowl. I can’t remember the yarn I used for this because I’ve had it in my stash so long and the label came off. Oh well. This cowl has served me well the last couple of weeks.

Chunky Cowl
Chunky Cowl

More Projects

I have a little toy bear that I’m finishing up. I literally have just one foot left to finish.
I’ve also started a new tank with some Louet yarn I purchased in Albia, Iowa.  I hope to have that project well underway (and completed) by next post.

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