Hat Season

In the Midwest, it’s hat season, again and I’ve been super busy knitting hats, sweaters, socks, and other warm and cozy projects.

I am notorious for knitting exclusively for myself and a few days ago, my husband asked me to knit a hat for him.  For a split second, I may have been just a tad conflicted…just kidding…I was really excited to knit for him.

I started on this project last night and it turned out wonderfully.  Actually, about half way through I started coveting the hat for myself!  Uh-oh.

I decided on a 2×2 tubular cast-on for this hat and I knitted it with Madeline Tosh Vintage in colorway Thunderstorm that I purchased at Loopy Yarns.  The grey stripe is done in Berroco’s Ultra Alpaca in Moon Shadow.  This was a quick and pleasant knit.  I’m glad it turned out nicely.  I may just have to borrow it.

Gordie's Hat

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