Let It Flow

I’ve been in a knitting rut of sorts.  I enjoy perusing and stashing away knitting patterns and I often enjoy working from patterns.  Lately, I have felt quite uninspired by patterns, though I was still anxious to knit.  For weeks, every new project I started I eventually became uninterested with and I unraveled it.

One day, I pulled out a skein of Tosh Vintage and had no idea what I wanted to do with it.  Most of the time, I spend my time knitting in the round.  This time, I pulled out some straight needles and just started knitting back and forth.  The yarn itself was such a joy to work with and the colorway, Lepidoptra, was quite pleasing.

I felt the urge to knit a substantial piece with this yarn and again took to searching out a pattern to follow.  After a while, I gave up looking for a pattern and simply decided on a concept.  I decided to knit a sweater since that would fulfill the “substantial piece” requirement.  With no other planning, I got started and was glad I did.

After I got started knitting, I never got bored with it.  I never knew what was coming next.  It was exciting.  I hadn’t even consciously decided on the design of the sweater or the basic construction but I ended up creating a raglan sweater.  (I have my basic top-down and bottom-up sweater measurements memorized).  When it was time to begin working in the round, I added a bunch of stitches to at the neck to make it a square neck (I’m doing another one now with a lot fewer stitches around the neck to make a scoop neck).  I started to create a simple ribbed panel in the center of the sweater and then I randomly crossed some of the stitches which ended up making the first small cable.  I liked it and continued on but I later split the stitches apart again and re-crossed them later to form the finished cable panel.

This project was especially interesting since I only had one skein of yarn when I started the sweater.  I know this a knitting no-no but…caution…wind…you know the rest.  Luckily, the shop where I bought the first skein, still had this yarn in stock and I was able to get more.  Though I had to go back again a third time!

To make a long story…er…long… I named this sweater Let It Flow because that it is how it happened.  I’m inspired again and I have now moved on to another unscripted project.

letitflow    letitflow2

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