No Headaches – Knit Headbands

I like headbands. I am also prone to headaches that come about by headbands squeezing me like a vise. This problem is probably more chronic for me because I have a large head. How large? Well, one day I wore a plastic headband (and popped a couple aspirin for the coming headache). I had to give a presentation at work that day and in the middle of my spiel, I heard a snapping noise. I looked around in search of the source of sound, when the pieces of my headband fell from my hair. I was so embarrassed. I gave up headbands for a while and then I tried fabric covered bands. Though they didn’t snap like a toothpick, I still had the headache problem until I started overhauling the headbands with my knitted creations. The knitted fabric is soft and eliminates those pesky pressure points. I can’t even feel the headband on my head!

Another problem solved by knitting! Plus, these are great projects for leftover yarn, an excellent way to reuse and repurpose materials, and the headbands are super fast to knit. Each of these took me little over an hour…with distractions.

IMG_1247 IMG_1250


I decided to bead a couple to give them a little something extra.

I finished several of these in other colors, too. My mom laid claim to the very first one I finished. The others, I like to keep at work in case of windy day or a good hair day gone bad.

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