Knitting Crush

Large Knit Toys

It’s safe to say, I love knitting.  LOVE IT!  I tend to knit stuff I can wear and I’ve been knitting a lot of gloves and mittens and stuff to give away as gifts this holiday season.

Well, I needed a much needed break from that stuff when I stumbled across an adorable knit giraffe that I know my grandson would love. Even though I’ve never knitted a toy before I thought I’d give it a whirl.
So here I am gushing over a toy to be…and the toddler praise to come :-)…while chronicling my progress.
So far I have begun knitting the body of the giraffe from the bottom up. It may not look like much so far but stay tuned…
Knit Giraffe
Knit Giraffe (beginning)
BTW – If you’d like to knit this toy, you can.  You can find the pattern in the Itty Bitty Toys book. You can find it on  If you are completely new to knitting toys (like me) and feel you might want some hand holding, you can sign up for web course to knit this very giraffe at

If you create a Craftsy account by December 4, 2011, you can get 66% off of this class by clicking this link.
Craftsy is also offering 66% off a Fit Your Knits course and a Knit Sock Workshop course.

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